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Gain Confidence & Self Trust to Activate Your Purpose and Potential

About Sarah

I help passionate people cultivate confidence and gain self-trust, so that they can activate their purpose and potential!


I help clients get to know themselves, own their truth, and move forward living the life that they choose --intentially and authentically-- to live. 

My mission is to help people stop living someone else's life, and instead live a life that's in alignment with their values and core self.


I am both a Coach and a Registered Social Worker (MSW RSW)/Counsellor. I am passionate about mental wellness, self-esteem, and human connection.


I believe in being the real, raw, authentic version of yourself and aim in my daily life to offer the same-- to my clients, to my friends, to my family, and to everyone that I interact with.

I believe in being ones *whole self*, owning all aspects of who we are. We all have things that we're not proud of, or messy parts of ourselves that we wish we could hide from the world. But guess what? Secrecy and silence breed shame, and shame holds you back from feeling truly happy, fulfilled, and aligned with your life. 

I'm here to help you really get to know yourself, even the messy parts, and love them....and to help you recognize that while they're part of you, they don't define you. That part is in your control! It's up to your values, your actions, and the direction in which you choose to move! And while it's sometimes hard to see, for every weakness or messy part of yourself, there is a strength that just needs to be recognized, owned, and accessed.

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