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(Sarah Erwin MSW RSW)

Are you an ambitious person who is struggling to feel competent, confident, worthy, and fulfilled at work?


I know it might feel like it, but you're not alone. We live in a culture of "hustle and grind", one that tells us to keep pushing through, to "pull ourselves up by our bootstraps" and stop complaining. We look around us at our peers and colleagues and think we're the only ones who are struggling to feel confident, to advocate for ourselves, to understand our jobs, to move forward towards our goals, and to feel worthy, whole, and happy at work.

I struggled with this too, for a very long time. I was (and am) as ambitious and driven as they come, but for a long time I struggled to believe in myself and see the strengths that would later become my gifts. One day, I sought out therapy, and remember giving voice to my worst fear in that first session: "I know that it's confidence that holds me back, and I'm scared that if I don't do something to change this, this is all that I will ever be'. 

What I was in that moment was someone who was perpetually anxious, scared, self-critical, self-doubting, and stuck in a perfectionistic loop that kept me from moving forward. I didn't feel worthy at work, and therefore I ended up in the wrong jobs and hated everything about every day at work. My ambition was still there, and kept me wanting more but feeling completely lost. The worst part of all was that I was starting to hate myself- my self esteem was sinking lower and lower by the day.

Here's the thing: I was one of the lucky ones. I was encouraged to seek out support, and I found a great therapist who helped me lean into my strengths. She supported me as I found my way forward, landing myself in a Masters of Social work program which eventually lead me to this very counselling practice. I believe that my experience makes me a better therapist: because I can relate to the struggles of my clients in a deep way, and I have not only studied the tools to move forward, but used them too. It's my turn to pay it forward.

Since completing my MSW and starting my work as a social worker and therapist, I've met countless people who struggle with the very same thing. The more I speak about it, the more I am met with enthusiastic confessions of "me too" from others who have felt the same way as they build their careers. As I started to counsel more and more clients, I realized that confidence and self esteem at work is an incredible detriment to so many peoples careers and lives.  Yet, so many people feel like they are the problem and that they're alone in it. The reality is that this couldn't be further from the truth. 

My counselling is supportive but action oriented; solution focused, yet trauma informed. My work is “strength based”, which means that I help you learn, lean into, and utilize your strengths to build the life and career you want and deserve. I also incorporate 'coaching' elements to create actionable steps forward.

Is High Esteem Therapy right for you?


My services are for you if...



You’re ambitious and driven, but doubting every step you take

You find yourself riddled with anxiety and overwhelm at work 

You’re a go getter, but the only place you’re “getting” to is one where you feel stuck, lost, and unfulfilled

You feel the need to do everything to perfection, but seem to be getting nothing done 

You need systems to get and stay on track, but you have no idea what those are or how to develop them

You want to take some big, scary leaps and take the path less travelled, but need some support as you move through the fear 

You learn differently, and struggle in your career because of it (hello fellow neurodivergent humans) 

You live in either British Columbia or Ontario, where I am registered to practice.


Why hire a therapist to help you succeed in your career? 


We might be focusing on your career, but nothing “exists in a vacuum”. Anxiety and depression? Those show up at work too. Perfectionism, imposter syndrome, fear of failure, social anxiety? These are anywhere and everywhere, and especially at work. Complicated reactions to past trauma? Sadly, we can’t just tell those to stay home. Discrimination in the workplace? Well it happens all the time, and it’s going to pull on a few underlying chords. 


As a registered social worker and therapist (MSW RSW), I am trained to work with clients experiencing a range of challenges related to anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship challenges, grief, life transitions, and more. I can help you learn about yourself, develop coping tools, and move through these hurdles in more helpful ways that move you forward. I know how to support clients in a way that a typical coach can’t, because I know how to help clients cope with the underlying challenges that are keeping them stuck. 


We bring all parts of us to work, and to access the very best parts of us, we need to know, own, and work with the full version of who we are.  And that’s why I’m here: to support you in doing so, and to help you access your gifts in order to thrive (even when they’re hidden beneath a bit of rubble ;) )


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