High Esteem Private Coaching

Have you struggled with feeling different than those who represent the “status quo?”


Have you felt like your personality has been stifled amongst your peers, family, and colleagues?


Have you often felt like you are shamed by what essentially makes you yourself, to the point where you’ve had to essentially lose yourself to fit in?


And yet, maybe you feel like you’re just getting by-- like you’re not thriving but simply existing.


Maybe you feel like you’re missing out on a greater part of life, and maybe this repression and rejection has been bottled so much that it’s buried deep inside you.

And since the mind and body can only take so much, maybe it’s all manifested into shame, anxiety, depression, unhappiness, and general unwellness. 

Chances are, if you’re like me, you’ve had small glimpses into the gifts that you have.


Maybe reading this is one of those moments, a moment when you realize that there’s nothing wrong with you, and that it’s the world that’s inflexible, and that you don’t like the way that “normal” plays out anyway.


Maybe one day you were vulnerable and opened up about your struggles, only to have someone thank you and tell you that you changed their life. Maybe this has happened many times over again. 

Again, me too, and you’re not alone.


I am here to help you find your way back to yourself and hone those gifts. I am here to help you own who you are, help you see how your perceived limitations can be gifts, and help you utilize them to create the life you deserve. I am here to help you transcend the status quo and offer your gifts to the world, because the world needs more people like you. 


The effect is contagious. Let’s create a better world for ourselves and everyone else in your shoes. Let’s redefine limitations and create a more accepting, flexible, innovative, and kinder world. Someone else depends on it.


You depend on it. So let's do this!

It's time to Hold Yourself in High Esteem

What you get:

3 months of bi-weekly 1:1 coaching

Video recordings for each call

Session summaries to help you stay on track

Progress reports to help you celebrate success

Weekly check-ins to stay on track & in touch

Unlimited text, voice, and email based coaching to help you through challenges between sessions

Journal exercises and personal challenges to assist your development in between sessions​

$997USD (Flexible Payment Plans Available)

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Your Commitment

3 months of commited self-work and whole hearted engagement within the program

Bonus: Cute Puppy on Calls!

Alright... LET'S GO!

It all starts with a call!

Before we work together, let's get to know each other!

To achieve the results you want, you need to make sure that I am a fit- that my energy, my  message, and my programs resonate with you!

If they don't- well, then your energy, money, and time is better spent elsewhere!

Let me be clear here: your results mean EVERYTHING to me!

"But how will I know?"

Remember when you asked your friends this question about to love? You asked them, "How you I know when I meet the right person?"

Annoyingly, their answer was always the same-- "you just know!"

I'm here to give you the SAME ANNOYING ANSWER! That is: if we're a fit, we'll both "just know it".

Book your free call, and let's find out!