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I am a Registered Social Worker & Therapist (MSW, RSW) who offers counselling virtually from the comfort of your home! (as long as you live in Ontario, Canada!)

I specialize in working with passionate & ambitious people people who struggle with confidence, self-trust, self-esteem, anxiety, and any unhelpful moods and thought patterns that come along with them. I also help people navigate major changes and transitions in their lives by helping them discover their inherent strenghts, utilize their coping tools, and develop new tools to help them through similar situations.

I offer strength-based, client centred virtual therapy to individuals in Ontario. My counselling style is informal, conversational, and eclictic. I draw mostly from Strength Based therapy modalities such as CBT, SFT/SFBT, and Narrative Therapy.

I am friendly, transparent, compassionate, non-judgemental, anti-oppressive in practice and trauma informed. I am told that I have a gift for making people feel comfortable and putting people at ease. Don't hesitate to reach out with questions!

Struggling with the Covid-19 Blues? You're not alone!

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